Siebel Configurator / Business Analyst at Fédération Desjardins    July 2011 to Present

Involved in the deployment of an enterprise wide solution of Siebel Finance 8.1

Siebel Configurator at Hydro Quebec   Oct 2001 to March 2011

Involved in the deployments of Siebel 6.2, 7.5 and 7.8 Sales, eChannel and eEnergy applications for employees and customers of Hydro Quebec. Our consultant was involved in:

  • Extensive Siebel Configuration with Tools on Sales and eChannel applications

  • Import extensive amount of company information into Siebel using EIM

  • Added functionality using Java Script / eScript programming

  • Test and Design Documentation

SITA - GSC project CRM   Nov. 2000 to Jan. 2006

This $4.5 M project consists of the deployment and installation of a worldwide implementation of Siebel Call Centre.  The project consists of migrating an existing production system from Siebel 99.5 to Siebel 2000 and deploying a Hardware/Software infrastructure that will support 600 agents.

The final system is installed in Montreal, Amsterdam and Singapore. SITA is using the Replication Manager from Siebel Systems and is using cluster technology to obtain high availability, in a Windows 2000, MS-SQL and Active directory environment.

A number of IES employees have been involved in the implementation of this project and have helped to decide on the Siebel Systems' Architecture and the Hardware sizing to be deployed.

Siebel Configurator at Merck Frosst Canada - April 2001 to Oct 2001

Worked on Siebel 2000 ePharma implementation for the Field Sales Division of Merck Frosst Canada to be deployed to over 400 field sales representatives across Canada. Our consultant was involved in:

  • Extensive Siebel Systems' Configuration with Tools on ePharma application

  • EIM Import from Legacy Data into Siebel

  • Added functionality using Visual Basic programming 

  • Test and Configuration Design Documentation