eBusiness applications

As a former Alliance Partner of Siebel Systems, Inc., IES is a full solution provider and has developed a strong Development Life Cycle Methodology for Siebel Projects. IES’ team of experienced and certified Siebel consultants has assisted several clients in the development and implementation of custom-tailored projects. Moreover, IES is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, providing CRM Solutions to mid-market businesses.


IES strongly believes in the benefits afforded by utilizing CRM

  • More effective reach and marketing
  • Improved customer service and support
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Greater efficiency and cost reductions
  • Improved company communication and networking through better access to quality information
  • A better stand against global competition



Our objective is to create an environment that would not only ensure growth of the company but also fulfill the objective of our clients in relation to the company-client partnership. IES wishes to enable its customers to manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service across multiple channels like the web, call centers, field sales & service and reseller channels.