IES’ Hydro-Meteorology Division draws its strength from the rich and vast experience initiated at IES Inc. Canada through the development of various systems for top-class meteorological organizations, including the Meteorological Service of Environment Canada and other international Meteorological/Aviation Departments.

IES has a very strong expertise and a vast amount of experience in the area of meteorological applications and the required communications systems for collection, processing and distribution of meteorological information. Our supplies and services include provision of instruments (including weather sensors, Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), Automated Weather Observing Systems, microwave radiometers, Vertical Profilers, Wind Radars, etc.), remote sensing ground & satellite-based reception and processing systems as well as rendering, visualization and Decision Support applications.

Some of the areas in which IES has been involved include:

➤ Web-Based rendering, visualization and decision-making support system for Meteorology, Hydrology, Disaster Management, Cartography, Agriculture, etc.

➤ Provision and deployment of specialized weather observation networks and integrated systems in flood forecasting, avalanche, aviation weather monitoring.

➤ Provision of Ground Station for Satellite Data Reception and Processing.

➤ Special Environmental Monitoring and Measurement Instruments from state-of-the-art companies around the world.

For more information, please download our Hydro-Met brochure: