Integrated Systems

IES designs, supplies, and installs a wide variety of Observation and Information Systems of any level of complexity and for any application. We represent many state-of-the-art companies that complement our team in providing industry leading solutions to our customers.


Information Systems


Weather Information System

Disaster Management System:

Flood, Avalanche, Cyclone Forecasting, Water Resource Management Systems

Agricultural Networks


Decision Support Systems

Aviation Weather, Hydrology, Nowcasting, Mesoscale Forecasting



Observations Systems


Automated Weather Stations (AWS)

Airport Weather Observation Systems (AWOS)

Satellite Ground Stations

Radiometer Observations:

Microwave Radiometers for measurement of atmospheric profile, temperature, humidity and liquid content

Wind Profilers:

Radar Wind Profiler for measurement of wind speed and wind direction


Doppler Weather Radar including Dual Polarization, S-Band as well as C-Band, klystron-based as well as magnetron-based

Network Diagram (click on graphic)