Collaborative Weather Forecasting System (CWFS)

The Collaborative Weather Forecasting System (CWFS) is one of the most sophisticated Web-based applications capable of displaying any type of geo-referenced data while keeping a very simple user interface.

About the system

  • Powerful graphical Web-based application designed to present meteorological information on a geo-referenced background.

  • Collaboration tool allowing users to chat one-to-one or one-to-many to discuss forecasts.

  • Visualization tool displaying weather information received from various sources in real-time.

  • Visualization tool to display flight plan and track flights (optional).

  • Animation capability for satellite and radar images.

Multiple layers

  • Imagery Layer:  Geographical Boundaries, Satellite and Radar images.

  • METAR displayed as METAR Plot (similar to a Station Plot) or as Flight Conditions (Red for IFR, Yellow for MVFR and Green for VFR).

  • PIREP displayed with different icons depending upon whether the PIREP is for (1) Light, Medium or Severe Turbulence or (2) Light, Medium or Severe Icing.

  • AIRMET with coverage area displayed as Circle, Rectangle or Polygon with a Purple background.

  • SIGMET with coverage area displayed as Circle, Rectangle or Polygon with a Red background.

  • Possibility to add other layers of data, e.g. Cities/Airports, rivers, basins, Digital Elevation model, bathymetry, etc.

  • Pop up display of raw data for any one of the above types of reports with mouse over.


  • Zooming & Panning using the mouse or the Control Bar.

  • Collaborative chat between multiple users.

  • Animation on satellite and radar images.

  • Display of more/less information depending upon the level of the zoom, such as more airports, more cities, etc.

  • Real-time Flight Plan and Flight Track display


For more information please download our CWFS Brochure 

CWFS Main screen

Flight plan