Generic Viewer (GV)

Another product which we have developed is Generic Viewer (GV). GV is a Weather Forecasting Workstation dealing with all types of meteorological data: BUFR, GRIB, Alphanumeric and Fax data. GV is a powerful display system for Satellite Imagery, Telemetry, and Derived products (Water Vapor Winds (WVW), Cloud Motion Vectors (CMV), Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Vegetation Indices (VI), Himalayan Snow Cover (HSCAS), Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) etc.

About GV

The purpose of the GenericViewer application is to provide meteorologists and researchers with a powerful tool to integrate all the weather data within the same workstation. It provides the capability to visualize, analyze, and combine various products with each other and with GIS data. The resulting graphical products can be saved in different formats.

he application has the capability to interface with several sources of data such as: GTS, WAFS, MDD, INSAT, IMDPS, METEOSAT, GOES, TIROS, and EEC Radars. The GenericViewer Application is a Linux- PC based solution and is designed around a core module completed with the required Plug-in modules.

Core Module: The core module provides all the facilities for display, screen navigation, file management and save facilities.

Plug-in Modules: These modules load all the facilities specific to the ingested data type. They provide the application with the following facilities:

 - Interfaces to decode and read the information from the ingested data.
 - Query dialog interfaces to display the data.
 - Analysis dialog interfaces or programs specific to the data type.

For more information on GV please download our brochure: