The purpose of the Verification and Validation Reporting and Tracking System application is to provide system development professionals with tools to assist in testing (hardware, software and documentation), problem reporting and tracking.


VVRTS is a powerful and simple to use Web-based tool that assists in:

  • Easily creating Test Cases, Test Procedures and detailed Test Steps that are directly associated with Project/Product requirements and individual product components or features

  • Tracking Product Defects and Test Case execution/completion status.

  • Simultaneous access by "approved" users such as Customers, Engineers, Project Managers, Marketing, Senior Management, etc.

  • Quick view of the status of test and defect workflow for each life cycle stage.

  • Integrating requirements and test and problem reporting activities for easy traceability, update, status account and general project management functions.

  • Easy and efficient communication, Change Management, Risk Management and determination of product/project defect Status Accounting among all project participants without relying on numerous emails and other forms of communications.

  • Ensuring compliance to ISO 9001:2000 Standard requirements in all aspects of system development life cycles.

  • Supporting multiple Projects/Products, Customers or Accounts, Project Participants, etc.

VVRTS allows companies to become compliant to ISO 9001:2000 quicker and easily prepare for Quality Management Reviews and Independent External Audits.

The VVRTS application is a Web-based solution employing J2EE and Java technology and is designed on a modular basis. Based on experiences, best practices and international standards, VVRTS has been designed to integrate all the business objects and accommodate testing, problems reporting and tracking activities through any stage of the system development life cycle.


For more information please download our VVRTS Brochure