Info-Electronics Systems Inc. (IES) developed the WebGIS package to be a generic viewer and handler of geographical information-based data for Environmental applications. The package supports multiple data sources and is customizable to a variety of customer applications by integrating a wide range of functionalities for data handling, processing, rendering and display.

The WebGIS package has the capabilities to be set up as a Decision Support System for applications such as hydro-met events monitoring, disaster management, weather aviation assistance, etc...It is an application with a three-tier client / server architecture (three levels) with the presentation layer (first level) completely web-based. The end user just needs an Internet browser to access the full functionality of the application. The workstation does not require the installation of any proprietary programs and operates directly on the processing layers (second level) and the data layer (third level) on the servers.

WebGIS Options

    ➥WAFS-WebGIS, offers a solution for WAFS (SADIS/ISCS).

    ➥Met-WebGIS, is a full forecaster workstation supporting the rendering, analysis and visualization of all types of weather information.

    ➥3DGlobe-WebGIS, for data rendering and display on the globe.


For more information, please download our WebGIS brochure: