The WebULTIMA application is a Web-based (zero footprint client interfaces) Flight Information System which allows a user to define a flight and get all the related weather information for flight planning. It is based on a powerful WAFS server application called ULTIMA and is World Wide Web Consortium W3C compliant. WebUltima is capable of generating a complete flight folder within couple of clicks.


  • Interfaces with SADIS and ISCS WAFS systems.

  • Flight plan creation and modification including:

    • Flight ID.

    • Flight time (departure, duration/arrival)

    • Flight route (departure, destination and alternate airport)

    • Automatic generation of flight corridor and weather information of interest

  • Flight scheduler

  • Flight weather folder definition including OPMET data, WINDTEMP/SIGWX charts and profile/cross-section graphics

  • Support of extra products including satellite/radar images, additional observations and GIS information

  • Automatic report generation based on pre-planned generation schedule or manual request

Server Application

ULTIMA runs on a Linux multitasking Operating System and allows the simultaneous reception, display and printing of products. It also provides Web services for retrieving and generating weather products, both in text and graphical format. Weather products are based on mandatory WAFS broadcasts and comply with ICAO and WMO requirements for aeronautical weather information.

Weather data includes:

  • OPMET report type: TAF, METAR and SIGMET

  • GRIB data for weather forecasts from numerical forecast models

  • BUFR data for significant weather charts

ULTIMA retrieves and generates weather products based on the WEBULTIMA interface. Products are then organized in ready to view and print reports. These reports can be customized to the needs of the user.

Client Interface

From any Web browser, the user can perform the following operations:

  • Define the flight plan elements using a user friendly Web page

  • Define the flight route graphically on map backgrounds with a couple of clicks

  • Define the content of the flight folder or accept the default choice

  • Validate the availability of the flight folder content and select/deselect

  • Retrieve and print the folder of a predefined flight with a couple of mouse clicks

Main interface (click on image)

Output reports

WebUltima Architecture (click on image)

For more information, please download our WebUltima brochure: