GSA Federal Supply Schedule

GSA Information Technology (IT) Professional Services
Schedule 70
Contract No. GS-35F-0436S 

Period Covered by Contract:     May 26, 2006 – Sept. 25, 2011

For more information, you can contact Wendy Borsuk at the following coordinates:

Phone: (514) 421-0767, extension 223

Fax:    (514) 421-0769

Email: or

Since its incorporation in 1981, IES has gained strong experience in the area of IT Professional Services. The following items are offered through GSA:

(1)   Perpetual Software Licenses for WAFS (ISCS/SADIS) Workstations, a software package known as ULTIMAIES.

(2)   Maintenance of Software for the ULTIMAIES software package.

(3)   Training Courses, both theoretical and practical, on the ULTIMAIES software package.

(4)   Information Technology Professional Services, including the following job categories:

  • Database Administrator/Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • Internet/Intranet Specialist
  • IT Security Consultant
  • IT Tester
  • Programmer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Consultant
  • Senior Systems Analyst
  • Technology Analyst