IES Switch

The IES Meteorological Switch provides the specific functions to collect, validate, store, and forward meteorological data and process information for aviation and non-aviation purposes (WMO and AFTN message types).

  • The IES-SWITCH handles both WMO formatted and ICAO formatted messages for the exchange of processed information.  It is WMO SWITCH compliant

  • The system supports file exchange using (a) TCP/IP over LAN and WAN, (b) X25 (c) fax and (d) telex

  • Supports data in:

    • GRIB format

    • SIGWX chart in T4 format

    • BUFR format

    • Alphanumerical format (SYNOPS, METARS, TAF, SIGMETS, etc…)

    • Other weather related products such as Satellite and Radar imageries, lightning, etc

  • Well proven Ultima technology which handles the processing of alphanumeric data very efficiently.  It also provides Database capability, bulletin construction from reports and decoding of reports.  It provides interface with international systems such as GTS, AFTN, etc.

  • Completely Web-based interface for system management, configuration and monitoring.

  • The system is designed in such a flexible and modular manner that additional functionality, if required, could be easily added


Integrated Automated Meteorological Message Switching System