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With over 35 years in the field, "weather and water are our business"

IES' team experience comes from doing business with clients from both public and private sectors from all parts of the world. It derives from development, consultation and support for various top-class meteorological organizations including Government departments as the Meteorological Service of Environment Canada and other public meteorological and aviation departments around the world.

  • WAFS WebGIS Software - Cuba
  • Picarro Greenhouse Gas monitoring system - NPL, India
  • Microwave Radiometrics network - India Air Force, 20 sites
  • Water Bodies Mapping with RADARSAT-EOADP/canadian Space Agency
  • SADIS Meteorology Data System - Somalia
  • css slideshow
  • Tiger Poject, Water Prospecting through Remote Sensing - Morocco
WAFS WebGIS Software - Cuba1 Picarro Greenhouse monitoring system - NPL, India2 Microwave Radiometrics network - India Air Force, 20 sites3 water Bodies Mapping with RADARSAT - EOADP/Canadian Space Agency4 SADIS Meteorology data System - Somalia5 Environmental Sensing capability - Department of National Defence, Caanda6 Tiger Project, Water Prospecting through Remote Sensing - Morocco7
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Geographical Information-based data System for Environmental Applications

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