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101 countries now have multi-hazard early warning systems (MH-EWS). That is double what it was in 2015.-UN,2023

What We Do

Professional Services

We provide customer - centric professional services for Software Development, Systems Integration, Project Management and Quality Management

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Commercial Services

Working together with top - line forecast specialists, we provide most comprehensive, accurate and reliable weather forecasting services for all types of activities affected by weather and climate

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End-to-end solutions including hydrological and meteorological instruments and sensors, integrated systems for environmental applications and our state-of-the-art, fully web based WebGIS software package for displaying geo-located information

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IES provides Consultation, Development and Support in Meteorology, Hydrology, Environmental and Project Management.

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Our Services


The highly qualified IES team has the experience and skills to offer a diversity of services for the Hydrometeorological and Environmental sectors at a top level of quality. We develop software products for a variety of operating systems and platforms, having the capability of creating and customizing our software products, and integrating them with a diversity of technologies, in partnership with top quality equipment manufacturers. Our projects are supported by our robust Quality Management system and our project management experience has a solid history of successful implementation of projects around the globe.

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IES has partnered with some of the worlds best weather and climate prediction and analysis developers to offer state-of-the-science weather detection, nowcasting, and forecasting services for many clients worldwide. With the use of accurate and powerful data processing, numerical modeling and information dissemination systems, we can provide a range of decision support systems for key applications such as Agriculture and Aviation among many others.

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IES Products

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Our WebGIS software package is a major milestone in the Hydro-Met industry, providing unparalleled capabilities through Web technology.

IES Product

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Instruments and Sensors

As system integrators, we have a very large number of partner equipment manufacturers to offer virtually all kinds of end-to-end Hydro-Met solutions.

IES Product

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Legacy Products

WebULTIMA, ULTIMA and Generic Viewer were our own developed software systems deployed and used for many years successfully in various countries of world.



IES has a vast experience with projects involving project management, software development, systems integration, training and support in the fields of Meteorology, Hydrology, Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring.


This project for the Indian Air Force consisted of the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a network of 20 Radiometrics microwave radiometers and IES software, plus host, display and central server computers.

Client: Indian Air Force

IES supplied twenty Automatic Weather Stations with satellite communications (INSAT and ARGOS ) for the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment in India. Each station measures over a dozen parameters and has redundant autonomous power sources.

Client: SASE, India
Supply of a GreenHouse Gas Analyzer

IES supplied, installed and commissioned a GHG Analyzer for continuous carbon dioxide and methane measurement for the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Palampur, India, which aims to work as a WMO-GAW-compliant site.

Client: National Physical Laboratory (India)Year: 2016 +

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