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Atmospheric Profiling and Remote Sensing

Counting with measurements of air temperature, humidity, pressure and winds through the full height of the atmospheric layers that comprise meteorological phenomena is crucial for accurate understanding and forecasting of the weather.

Concentrations of aerosols and other particles in the atmosphere need to be quantified in a range of applications and studies that vary from cloud formation and precipitation to atmospheric chemical processes and pollution to radiation and greenhouse effect.

Winds at different heights need to be understood and characterized for efficient and safe use of that resource in the energy sector.

Measurement of these and other atmospheric elements has been taking more and more advantage of the development in remote sensing, allowing for more economic, continuous and flexible gathering of data across the atmosphere's depth.

IES has partners with manufacturers of state-of-the-art instruments in the industry and provides solutions such as:
  • Soil Temperature and Moisture
  • Microwave Radiometers
  • Radar Wind Profilers
  • LIDAR Aerosol Detection
  • LIDAR Wind Profiling

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